Rachael loves thrift stores and garage sales! She has a purse that she got for 25 cents!

1. What guilty pleasure did Rachael admit to?
a. Watching Ernest movies and loving them!
b. Eating cereal with apple juice instead of milk.
c. Eating those individually wrapped processed cheese slices.
d. Dressing up and acting out all of Rocky Horror by herself with the TV blaring.

2. Rachael said that she has a collection of...
a. Stamps since the Civil War.
b. Used toothbrushes.
c. Ernest Movies.
d. Dishes from the Franklin mint of all of the Wizard of Oz characters.

3. Rachael's first concert was...
a. Metallica
b. Raffi
c. MC Hammer
d. Beastie Boys

4. Rachael did Japanese print ads and TV commericals for which of the following?
a. Sony Walkman
b. Sunglasses
c. Hair care products
d. Japanese Pocky cookies

5. Rachael said her dream role is:
a. Hester Pryne from "The Scarlett Letter"
b. Kate Nolan from "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"
c. Scarlett O'Hara from "Gone With the Wind"
d. Helena from "Boxing Helena"

6. What sport was Rachael involved in?
a. Field Hockey
b. Softball
c. Volleyball
d. Tennis

7. Rachael did a senior paper entitled:
a. "When lies are good and problems are wished for"
b. "Louis smells bad and someone should tell him"
c. "Politics, Shmolotics, and 10 other reasons I'll never be President"
d. "Zelda Fitzgerald: The Real Fitzgerald"

8. Rachael's favorite IHOP dish is:
a. Belgian Waffles with whipped cream.
b. Pancakes with apple cinnamon sauce.
c. Silver dollar blueberry pancakes.
d. An unending pile of french toast with bosenberry sauce.

9. Rachael's guitar teacher was:
a. Zakk Wilde
b. Fast Freddie
c. Phil X
d. Both b and c

10. What kind of vehicle does Rachael have?
a. Convertable sports car
b. Off-road truck
c. Sports utility vehicle
d. Bicycle

11. Who did Rachael kiss at midnight on MTV's millenium bash?
a. Marilyn Manson
b. Kurt Loder
c. Rose McGowan
d. Carson Daly

12. What did Sly Stallone and Rachael have throwing wars with?
a. Nurf Eggs
b. Gummy Bears
c. Paper Clips
d. Rubber Bands

13. Who did Rachael share a tiny plane with back from Calgary which made her very nervous?
a. Dylan McDermott
b. Steven Spielberg
c. Usher
d. Mike Tyson

14. Who did Rachael meet in an elevator in the middle of the night while in her PJs?
a. Shane West
b. Marilyn Manson
c. Britney Spears
d. TR

15. What animated series did Rachael do a voice for?
a. The Tick
b. Batman Beyond
c. X-Men Evolution
d. Beavis and Butthead


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